Saturday, February 04, 2006

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 359 - 399

As Hammond walks outside, he thinks about why the park has failed. What does he decide is the reason? Do you agree with him that the park has failed? If so, why? If not, why not?

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 317 - 359

Three raptors chase Grant. Explain how all three die. Use your own words.

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 276 - 314

Why does Grant keep checking the time?

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 238 - 276

Explain the Malcom Effect in your own words.

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 198 - 238

Make three predictions about what will happen next on the island.

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 160 - 197

Why is Nedry willing to steal the dinosaur embryos? Give at least two reasons. Would you steal them? What are the risks?

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 80 - 120 (part two)

Describe the raptor attack from the raptor's point of view.

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 120 - 160

Why is Muldoon worried about the raptors?

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 80 - 120 (part one)

Right away Drs. Grant and Sattler notice several problems with/changes need to Jurassic Park. List three.

When you are finished here, make sure to visit Part Two!

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - Pg. 42 - 80

After reading p. 42-80, visit and explore the DinoGuide section of the website. (Direct link:

Take some time to learn about some of the different dinosaur species.

Which dinosaur do you find most interesting? List 5 details of your favorite dinosaur.

Jurassic Park Lit Chat - P. 1 - 42

After reading pages 1 - 42, respond to the following question.

Q: At first Dr. Guiterrez thinks what animal attacked Tina? Do you agree or disagree? Back up your claims with evidence from the book.

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